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Ashley A. Balsom MA


Ashley A. Balsom is a clinical psychology doctorate student at the University of Regina. She is currently associated with the Women's Mental Health Research Unit supervised by Dr. Jennifer Gordon. She has been involved with the Women's Mental Health Research Unit since September 2018.

Ms. Balsom's current research focuses on exploring evidence-based interventions adapted for women experiencing infertility, exploring women's coping and resiliency when experiencing infertility, and the influence of infertility on sexual function. She is dedicated to exploring not only the impact of reproductive experiences on genders experiencing marginalization but also identifying protective and resiliency factors. Ms. Balsom is particularly interested in reproductive transitions in individuals' lives (e.g., peripartum, infertility, menopause). Ms. Balsom is currently a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Doctoral fellow.  

Ms. Balsom is always looking out for opportunities to collaborate on projects or mentor undergraduate students interested in clinical psychology or passionate about reproductive research. 

In her free time you can catch Ms. Balsom hanging out with her cat or rollerblading.



PhD in Clinical Psychology                                                           

Expected Completion: October 2025

University of Regina

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Jennifer Gordon


MA in Clinical Psychology                                                                        

Degree Awarded: June 2021

University of Regina

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Jennifer Gordon

            Thesis title: Distress and Coping Among Infertile Women Attempting to Conceive Naturally


BSc (Hons) Psychology                                                                              

Degree Awarded: May 2017

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Peter Cornish

Thesis title: I’ll stand by you: The necessity of online peer support services in a university population 


Graduate student, University of Regina                                   

September 2018 – Current

Under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer Gordon (Women’s Mental Health Research Unit). 

Lecturer, University of Regina                                                                      

September 2021 – Current

Designed and piloted a third year seminar on Human Sexuality (PSYC 388 AJ:Human Sexuality).

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